Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who's been sneaking around at night?

I kept finding little things different in the yard.
The bird feeders were moved, even though I don't fill them this time of year.
Something has been digging in my flower pots.
The Hummingbird feeder was empty and laying on the ground every morning. For a few days, I thought maybe it was leaking.
The low birds nests were being robbed of their eggs at night.
This morning I found the evidence I was looking for.
On the BBQ cover
 On the deck
 On the wall
 Under the bird feeder
My only question is...
where did they find the mud?
It hasn't rained in 16 days and the ground is bone dry.
Have they been in my pool?
Then I remembered the fish!!
Our small pond has 5 large Goldfish in it.
They were really nervous today and stayed near the bottom of the pond most of the day.
So far, I still have 5 fish.
But this means war!
There is now a live trap out there with a lovely pork chop wired to the bottom of the cage.
Raccoons are smart.
Wonder how long it will take me to catch it?


  1. Oh, be careful. I hear those things can be viscous. I was looking at your FF post, and what beautiful blooms. Your header pic is gorgeous. You have quite a green thumb.

  2. Oh dear. I fear for your goldfish Netty. Those raccoons are very smart when it comes to getting at things.