Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have I missed something?

I haven't been here too much lately, so bear with me.
First of all, the 'updated blogger interface'??  I was there...I was LOST! 
Thank goodness I found the button to change it back.
Word verification? I don't have that. Or DO I?
I just approved a comment that mentioned I do, yet I can't find a setting for that anywhere.
And when I went to reply to that comment, it wouldn't allow me to.
So it seems to me that I have missed something.
Not only it is near impossible for my readers to comment, it IS impossible for me to reply to these comments. It want's me to sign in constantly, when I'm already signed in!
The 'help' page isn't helping me at all!
Can someone shed some light on this for me?
Edited to add...
I have found/fixed the word verification issue.
I still can not comment on my own blog. I type in the words and when I try to enter it disappears.

February BLAHS

February is my least favorite month.
Usually, by this time of year, I am 'shack wacky' and feeling 'blah'.
This year, winter has given us a break.
This is the most snow we had all winter
 I don't want to complain about this winters lack of snow and cold - I certainly haven't missed shoveling snow - but somehow the mild winter hasn't changed how I feel.
BLAH is the best way to describe it.
I don't feel like I have DONE anything all winter.
 I have been doing all the regular stuff - cleaning, cooking, baking  - and the mild winter has allowed me to do a lot of walking. The trail camera has helped keep me amused, but even that activity has slowed. We haven't had any new trail camera photos since February 16th. (where did everyone GO?)
I did make good progress in my Family Tree this year ... looked thru hundreds of Parish Register Images and expanded my tree on 2 branches of my tree.
I found (and got addicted to!) Pinterest  which was very inspiring (and led to some great recipes and a few crafts) but easily made the time disappear.
But now I am ready for spring! 
Today, I dug out my seed boxes
AND my seed catalogs
Today I plan this years gardens!
One more day of February (thanks to this being a leap year)
The count down to spring is ON!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trail Camera - February 11th - Daytime shots!

We had a busy few days at the trail camera!
There were 31 new shots, and a few of them were daytime photos.
 All of 'our boys' have shed their antlers now, and it's getting hard to tell them apart. It's also getting more difficult to tell if we have the bucks or does in the photos. If the angle is just right, you can see where the antlers used to be attached.
 The buck on the left looks older - he looks grey!

I really wish we got more daytime shots. It's nice to be able to see the detail and the difference between them.  The buck on the right looks a little thin, despite the 'easy' winter they have had. There is still a lot of food - apples are still plenty and the corn fields are snow free. They aren't stopped by heavy snow cover this year and are able to travel freely. Not to mention the special treat they get twice a week from a certain someone ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trail Camera - February 4th

There's a turf war going on by the trail camera.
I noticed coyote scat on one visit, and then the dog decided to leave her mark too.
When I went out to the camera again I noticed several fresh piles.
This is coyote mating season and this is the male trying to claim his territory.
Look at this photo of a male coyote, with a pair of glowing eyes in the background.
We also got a few shots of deer

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's so hard to find good help these days...

Thank goodness for the mild winter!
Back in the fall when we wanted to fill our oil tank, we found out our regular oil delivery service had sold. After contacting the new owner, they assured me that they would deliver us heating oil AND they would be prompt and courteous. We had quite a bit of trouble with the old owners- promising us a fill up and then having to be called a few times for a reminder before they would FINALLY appear with a half delivery.  I remember the horrible feeling I used to get when the oil tank got low and there was bad weather. NOT a good feeling! Not to mention the fact our water heater is also an oil burner.
After the new owner assured me great service, I didn't feel the need to call them until a few days before I wanted a delivery.  When I called for a delivery they told me they would be here the next day, or if they got behind, the following day. Well after waiting for a week, I decided to call them to see if they had forgotten about my delivery.  I was told that they didn't have a copy of the tank inspection report and they couldn't deliver me any oil until they had it. WHAT???  And when did they plan on informing me of this??  I was furious! I'm usually such a patient person, but I started yelling....'you assured me that I would get prompt and courteous service...' and the words flowed out of my mouth like never before.  Within an hour , I had an inspector here and the report in my hand.
I sent a copy to the oil company and they were here the next day.
End of story?
Oh no!
It seems I have horrible luck with anything heat related.
The furnace was cycling irregularly so I decided to call the repair man. We hadn't had our furnace cleaning last year so I wanted to book an appointment for a cleaning and check up.
The first 2 numbers I called were out of business. I finally checked the inspection report and discovered that the phone # was crossed out and a cell # was in it's place. (Not to mention the spelling error in the street name - that should have been my first clue!)
Left a message on the cell phone.
When I didn't hear back from him by the 7th day I called someone else. We arranged a time for the following Saturday morning.  He showed up exactly on schedule. He said the furnace wasn't bad, but he changed the jets and the filters. He couldn't find anything else wrong. Said we might want to think about a new fan as the old one was getting worn. OK...paid him cash and he went on his way.
That night, at 9:04 pm my phone rang. It was the first repair man that I called.
He was clearly drunk.
I explained to him that I left that message for him 8 days ago and that I had since called someone else, and the furnace was done.
End of story?
The furnace was acting up again. I left 2 messages for the repairman.
He didn't bother getting back to me, so my husband went downstairs to look.
Not only were the filters filthy, but the fan was squealing, and the furnace hadn't been cleaned!
He took matters into his own hands. He bought a new fan, replaced the filters, and cleaned the furnace.
The furnace is purring like a kitten now, and we saved a bundle.
I thought that was the end of the story, but it wasn't.
We needed an oil delivery. I thought that since I had the inspection report, I would take the opportunity to use a new oil delivery service, one a little more local and had a good reputation.
I went to their office and asked if they wanted a new client.  We did all the paperwork needed and I told them they could come any time they were ready.
They hadn't come after a few days so I called. They had no record of this, but they would send someone out that day.  They did, but wouldn't fill the tank.
It was missing a 'whistle' and the inspection should NOT have passed without it.
You have GOT to be kidding me!
Another joy of rural living.
I love my wood stove more every day
It's so hard to find decent help these days.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trail Camera - February 1st

I missed a week, but here are the best of the new trail camera shots.
This one seems to be a newcomer 
Our regular boys have shed their antlers now and are getting hard to tell apart.
I think this little one might be the orphan that my neighbor bottle raised. She was always smaller than the rest of them, but sports a full size tail.
This is one of the bucks sans antlers
I think we finally got a shot of two females, but hard to tell.
I found it interesting that the deer knew where to look for food once the snow was on the ground. We only leave a few cups full of feed twice a week and it is scattered over the range of the camera.
The snow has since melted.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye January!

February 1st already!
I think I will remember January 2012 as "the lazy month".
Not that regular chores didn't get done. The regular cleaning and chores have been done.
But quickly.
I usually get into deep cleaning after Christmas.
Not this year.
I have been sitting at this desk for most of the month, working on my family tree.
And the family trees of friends.
Now that February is here, I have some catching up to do!
I think I'll start in the kitchen. Every drawer, cupboard and shelf needs cleaning.
Then, I'll move on the the kids rooms. I'm sure there are clothes they have grown out of, toys that aren't played with and with any luck, I'll find those missing socks.
My bedroom hasn't had a good clean out in a year. This year I really WILL get rid of those clothes that I haven't worn in years!
The dining room needs a clean out too. And a fresh coat of paint. I have hated the color in there since I put it on a few years ago. Maybe with a nice color I'd use that room more.
The upstairs bathroom needs more than a clean out. It needs a new tub surround, a bit of new drywall, and a light fixture.
Sounds like a lot of work.
Maybe I'll start tomorrow