Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall has arrived! Fertilizer Friday Sept 21

I will remember the summer of 2012 as weird and wonderful.
There was no rain to speak of for the months of May, June, and July.
The gardens were struggling, but managed to look colorful despite the heat. 
August came and so did some rain. 
Then came September, more rain and cooler temperatures.
The gardens were revived!
Now fall is here and I know that garden time is almost over for another year.
I'm going to enjoy every last bloom while I can!
The last 'pinks' of summer...
The 'Sunrise Serenade' blooms are finally taking on the form they should
This is the first 'Muskoka Moonlight' bloom this year
The 'Marmalade Skies' rose has had a tough season and for a while I thought I had lost it.
It is barely a foot tall now, but covered in blooms!

Dianthus 'Raspberry Parfait'
The front planter is full of blooms again too
 The summer pinks are making way for the colors of Autumn - yellow, orange, red and purple.
A bright orange Zinnia
A lonely cluster of yellow Coreopsis
A last minute effort of a lost Echinacea
The volunteer pumkins are almost ready for harvest
Don't you love how the Asters close up when the sun is gone?
Nothing says autumn like Hardy Mums!
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - September 14th

What a week!
School is back full swing, and it has taken some time to get back into the old routine.
Last week started with a storm that brought 3 inches of rain, followed by another storm that brought strong winds. Strong enough to blow over the arbor holding the Wisteria vine! I never would have thought this could blow over with that vine holding it in place.
 It was set back up, repaired and reinforced. Looking at it I noticed a large number of 'beans' hanging and decided that I should deadhead. There are probably several pounds of these beans hanging there.
Does anyone else deadhead their Wisteria?
Fall begins in a week, but it has felt like fall for a while.
The back garden is showing off it's fall colors
You know it is fall when the Sedum starts to bloom
The Butterfly weed is ready to spread some seeds too
The Blood Grass is starting to show it's color too
While it is feeling like Fall, my garden isn't ready to let go of summer yet.
The Roses are enjoying the cooler temperatures and are all in bloom

 The Dahlia's are putting on quite a show too

I found a Cosmos I didn't know about too!
The Texas Red Salvia is soo hard to take photos of!
The Hummer's have really enjoyed it
The Morning Glory has finally covered the entire trellis.  They are beautiful blooms, but not the Sunrise Serenade blooms I was waiting for.
This is my favorite Zinnia and color and I hope to save some seeds from this plant. Keeping my fingers crossed that the seeds will come true. I've never saved seeds from my Zinnia's.
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beans anyone?

I went out to the veggie garden today after not going out there for a while. 
I thought I might have a bean or two to pick.
I am truly amazed at my bean crop this season.
Drought, high temperatures, bugs, bunnies.
I have picked so many beans from my row that I can't GIVE them away!
The freezer is full and my family doesn't want to see another bean. Ever.
Not even my vegetarian daughter!
I guess I'll take some to work and freeze the rest.
I really hope this is the last picking!