Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy but blooming :)

Just realized my last post was all the way back on May 10th!
Time sure does pass quickly!
I have been back to work full time now for a couple of months, soccer season is upon us and so the crazy time has begun. Soon school will be out and then things might settle down a little for me.
The weather has been a roller coaster this year. We had a late frost on May 29th, and I lost just 4 cucumber plants so I think I was very lucky. Torrential rains have almost washed away parts of the yard, we had a large pond complete with ducks and rapids.
The garden is taking its sweet time growing too, but I finally think I have a few things to share for Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie!
Lets go back to the middle of May, shall we?
The Lilac's were spectacular!

Phlox showing off
Dwarf Iris
You had to know I would pick up a new Hosta! This one is 'Whirlwind'
A few Iris blooms

I love these 2 plants together!
 The Rhubarb is enormous this year!
Some curly rush for hair
German Catchfly
Mock Orange
The corner of the garage is very colorful
A peek through the Ninebark into the yard
Oriental Poppy

 Globe Allium
And the first Rose to open this year ... 'Carefree Beauty'
I love this time of year!