Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid summer veggie garden

Despite the hot weather and drought conditions, I have been able to harvest a few things from this years vegetable garden.  I wasn't going to plant any peas but put some in last minute when my daughter asked when the peas would be ready. This is the first time I have grown them in this yard and they are doing better that I expected. 
I was paying $6.99 for a basket of peas at the market. I have filled this basket 3 times so far, so I think that the pea planting was a success!
They are so plump and sweet! I will definitely be growing them again next year.
The first picking of beans was a success too. I planted 'Royal Burgundy' and 'Earliserve' and got a full bucket today.
 And what is a garden without Zucchini? I thought I planted green and yellow zucchini, but I'm thinking the yellow is a crookneck squash. I've already eaten my fill of zucchini and so has my family and neighbors. If the weather ever cools enough to bake I'll turn some into muffins to freeze.
And finally the first red tomatoes!!  These are 'Sweet Millions'. I hope to have some large ones ready soon ... I've been craving sliced tomato on Rye bread  :)

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