Monday, July 11, 2011


But where there is one, there is more!
Will be putting the trap back out tonight.
And not to worry...this little guy was released where he won't bother anyone.


  1. Glad you caught the culprit, they can be very destructive. I lost more koi and chickens to raccoons than I care to admit. They are amazingly smart and resourceful. One night I heard something on the back porch and when I turned on the light, saw the cat food container had fallen off the back porch. (I had just filled it.) Not seeing anything, I waited awhile and sure enough, out from under my son's car, a paw reached out and grasped the handle on the container and slowly but surely the entire thing disappeared. Such bandits they are!

  2. They ARE very smart, aren't they!
    I'm sure there are more of them lurking in my yard at night...there is a currently a vacant farm across the street and the barn is full of them. If they are smart they will allow themselves to get trapped here and released. The rest of the farmers in the neighborhood have shotguns...