Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Saturday afternoon in the garden

I felt kind of out of touch with my gardens.
2 weeks of extreme heat, drought, work, soccer and being a taxi Mom left me time for nothing other than a bit of watering.
Well today I wanted to change that!
The weather was warm, but not too hot and Friday's heavy rains left everything well watered.
Looking at the back garden, I was once again reminded that I wanted to move a few things.
The Culver's Root falls over every year (bringing the Prairie Coneflower with it) and every year I tell myself that I need to find it (and the Prairie Coneflower!) a better place in the yard.
The blooms are pretty and the bees love it but it needs a better place
A trip to the compost pile shows me this years runaway vine
With any luck it is a pumpkin vine but I have a funny feeling it is Acorn Squash again.
Something funny is going on with this 'White Swan'  Echinacea
The Turks Cap Lily's are in their glory. I'm really not a big fan of these. Every year I tell them if I find a single Lily Beetle on them, they are OUTTA there!
The Oleander's sure are taking their sweet time putting out blooms this year
My (not so) Obedient Plant
I thought the Monkshood blooms were a lot darker?
Still pretty
I like their bloom color beside this Ninebark
This Daylily bloom was a pleasant surprise. I just planted it a few weeks ago. It was from a friend and I didn't expect to see any blooms this year. I'll have to ask her it's name
  The Texas Red Salvia is finally starting to bloom too. I think it was our hot, Texas like weather last week that got it started.
Rudbeckia already?
Thyme in bloom
Almost forgot to check on the 'Empress Wu'
I paid and arm and a leg for this last summer, but I HAD to have it!
She only had 3 leaves last year and again earlier this spring, but now I think she's happy.
I can't wait to see her at maturity - 5 feet tall and wide!!
A few garden friends I found today

It was a great day in the back gardens.
Tomorrow, the vegetable garden!


  1. Love your flowers and your sign, got a good chuckle from that! I forget what I planted all the time, too.

    The gardens are really coming into maturity now, I'm not ready for fall yet. I sure enjoyed my visit!

  2. Dear Nettie, There is a lot going on in your garden. Love the Monkshood blooms next to the ninebark. Thanks for the tour. P. x

  3. Hi Netty - thanks for visiting my little blog - we are so excited to be here in SW Ontario. Looks like you have adapted to country life quite well. Hopefully I will do the same.

    Your garden looks great - love the sign because I always forget what I've planted and what they are called when I do plant them.

    Looking forward to seeing your blog regularly.