Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trail Camera 2013

I'm a little late this year!
But the trail camera is out!

Last week I put it back out in the same tree as last year.
No photo's yet, but today I put out an apple scented deer lick.
 This might help something stop long enough to get their photo taken.
Hopefully, new photos soon!

Monday, January 21, 2013

January - time to post at last!

Wow, my first post of 2013!
It was a wonderful holiday season, and now that the kids are all back to school, it is time to get back into 'the groove'.
Big Country girl had a few weeks to think about College and program choice during the holidays, and it was decided that she would take some time off and work. We moved her back home and have spent the past 2 weeks paining and re-arranging her room. I'm not sure where all her 'stuff' came from, but it seemed like so much MORE upon her return! I KNOW her clothing used to all FIT in her closet and dresser! We are almost finished with her room and so I thought it was time to get to some of MY projects!
I painted my dining room a few years back, and I hated the color from the moment the roller hit the wall. I was talked into a color outside my comfort zone and gave myself a few years to try and get used to it, but I couldn't even bear to sit in that room. I finally decided that it was time to change that paint color! Almost forgot to take a 'before' shot ...
 That photo doesn't really show the true green of the wall because of the light from the window. I feel this shot shows the true color
It took a very long time to cut in all the corners!

Looking better already!
 The color I picked was called 'Antique Ivory'
By the time I was done it was dark out, but you can see it is a much warmer color now
It looks a little more stark in this daylight photo. I think the true color is somewhere between the two photos. You get the idea anyway ...the horrible green is gone!
Now I need to remind the Man of the House that he promised to build me a Harvest table!