Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - July 27

I wasn't sure I would have anything to post for Fertilizer Friday this week.
The lack of rain was taking its toll on the gardens.
I was almost ready to give up, when on Thursday we received almost 2" of much needed rain!
Love Lies Bleeding
Obedient Plant starting to open
Phlox and Globe Thistle
A lone 'Carefree Beauty'
4 O'clocks
Helenium - seems early!
The plants are happy for now. I wonder how long until the next rain?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need rain!

Here we are mid July.
We have had a very hot, and very dry summer so far.
I can't think of the last time we had rain.
We have been using our well water sparingly, and the only things being watered are planters and the veggie garden. The flower gardens are on their own and it shows.
So here are a few things to share with Tootsie and Fertilizer Friday
A few planters
This is by the door and the Heliotrope smells divine! Anyone else like to grow this?
A planter with clearance bargains this week
 This is filling in nicely
A Dahlia peeking out of the garden. The Earwigs are a real problem this year eating the blooms off of everything!
The tub is filling in too
We are patiently waiting for the cucumbers!
I was quite pleased to find these Sweet Potato Squash growing in the tire. Tasted them for the first time last year and HAD to grow some this year. YUM!
I hope we get some rain soon or there will be nothing left to share next week.


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Don't you just love those plants that pop up in your garden?
 They always seem to be in the perfect place.
This spring I spread compost in all the gardens, and I have had many surprises
These Nicandra seeds must have survived the last 2 winters in the compost pile - that was the last time I planted them. They have these pretty little blooms
Followed by these interesting seed pods
Which have these little seed balls inside
Nicandra is also known as Shoo Fly Plant. It doesn't seem to be working...there are zillions of fly's this year - no kidding!
Another pop up plant this year is Echinacea - always glad to see them
The Poppies are surprising me too-here's a really frilly one
 Sea Holly - found growing thru a shrub
The birds help spread seeds too
Tomato seedlings are popping up all over as well, as seen in the Hosta bed addition, with a very healthy Nicandra behind
The compost pile itself has a few surprises 
Poppies, sunflowers, datura, zucchini and a few vines
I'm quite happy to see Hubbard squash ... yum!
Do you have anything interesting popping up in YOUR gardens this year?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Up close and personal

I was fiddling with my macro settings ... can you guess what this is?
A few other close ups
A few Daylily's

I'm linking in with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday - head over and check it out!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The heat is on! Fertilier Friday July 6th

The heat is on in southern Ontario, with today's high expect to reach 35°C!
Despite the lack of rain, there are still blooms to share for Fertilizer Friday!
First, my 5 am harvest
The Hydrangea's are almost glowing at dawn
Some happy Veronica
And Culvers Root
A volunteer Poppy peeking out of the steps
The Lavender that I thought I lost this spring
The various Echinacea's starting to bloom

And a few Asiatic's from a friend
Lambs Ear blooms
Love that Bee Balm - and so do the Hummers!
An old tub salvaged in one of my walks
An unknown succulent ... can anyone identify this one for me?
Hen's and Chicks  ... such an odd bloom!
Butterfly weed grown from seed ... having a great year