Friday, May 10, 2013

Shed makeover - part 2

Sometimes projects seem to go on for YEARS around here!
You may remember way back in April 2011, I did a post called shed makeover .
Well, this project is finally nearing completion!
Here was my garden shed before
Then with the new siding and window
This spring it became apparent the the shingles needed replacing
Here it is with a new roof and weather vane, white trim and window box
A now it also has new doors!
Still not sure if I will stain the doors or let them age, but I think it is a big improvement!

Finally some flowers to flaunt!

Spring has been a long time coming, but I FINALLY have some flowers to flaunt for 
 Love this 'Pink Parasol'
 I don't remember planting these Hyacinths, but they smell divine!
 'Erna Lindgreen'
 I hope the weatherman is joking about the chance of frost this weekend. I really want these Lilac's to bloom this year!
I love spring :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sad results from the trail camera this year

We only got ONE photo from our trail camera this year
I had better luck getting deer photos last week at work!
On my lunch hour I decided to sit out behind the buildings near the woods.
I heard something sneaking up on me
 Do you see it peeking thru the trees at me?
Then another one snuck around the trees. It didn't see me at first and then it thought it would make a quick getaway!
I eat my lunch out there every day now!

My, my how time flies!

I just realized that I haven't posted since March and our trip to Canada Blooms!
April was a cold, wet month and I never thought I would see the nicer weather.
 One last ice storm and then came May.
We finally got our new eaves troughs, and this means rain barrels!
 Big Country Girl bought herself a new car!
This alone was huge news around here!
I've been busy topdressing the gardens with this lovely black earth. I ordered 5 yards and moved it ALL myself!
And then the first bloom!
If this weather keeps up I'll be able to post for Fertilizer Friday this week!
I LOVE spring!