Sunday, July 24, 2011

The toughest of the bunch

We are still waiting for rain.
The last good rain was June 24th.
.I'm loving the great weather, don't get me wrong, but I'm really getting concerned for the trees and the gardens. I've been giving some water where I can but the well isn't looking too full.
There are cracks in the ground so large I can stick my fingers in. This crack has a small toad down there somewhere - he hid down there when I wanted to take his picture.
Yet there are still some real troopers in my garden, defying the odds.
These Zinnia's are blooming their little hearts out
Next to them are some 'Little Hero' Marigolds
They sure have earned their name to be blooming like this!
These Turks Cap Lily's are not bothered in the least
Echinacea and Globe Thistle

Nothing bothers Daylily's

To think this seed was stashed here during the winter by a bird or mouse
The wonders of nature!
Now PLEASE Mother Nature, some rain!

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