Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Looking back at this years garden

One of my goals this season, was to improve the vegetable garden.
Looking back now, I think it was a success!

I had wonderful harvests from every crop planted, and spent a good part of my weekends canning.


This winter I know I will eat well, and I will know exactly what is in every single jar I open - good, organic, home grown goodness!
Totally worth it!
Now on to planning next years garden...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Garden bounty and canning

The garden has been producing lots of veggies for me this year.
I've been filling this basket with fresh, organic veggies almost every day!

The beans, cucumber and tomatoes seem to be the best crops this year, giving us seemingly endless supply. The tomato crop this year has been amazing! There is nothing like a fresh sliced tomato, still warm from the garden! You just can't buy this taste!

We have eaten our fill, shared with friends, and canned a lot.
I even had my first pressure canning mishap! While canning some tomatoes, I heard a funny sound from the inside to the canner. I can only assume the lid was on too tightly and the pressure finally blew the lid off. The jar was fine, but what a MESS!

Our pickling cucumbers were a little slow, so I bought some from the farmers market and made some garlic dill pickles and bread and butter pickles.

A winters worth of green beans and dilly beans has been canned up as well.
Onions will be ready soon, and cabbage and carrots will be harvested and canned for winter use.
The Cucamelons have been very prolific this year as well. Most have been eaten straight off the vine, but I am hoping to try a cucamelon mint pickle. I'll let you know how that works out.
While the veggie garden is still winding down, I am already planning for next years garden. My main goal this fall is to improve the soil in a few sections of the garden with leaves, compost and manure.
Yes, I said FALL. It sure is feeling like fall in the mornings.
And with the kids going back to school in a few days, fall isn't far behind!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big news!

Anyone who has kids that are old enough to date, know that not everyone 'fits' into the family unit.
Big Country Girl, as well as Country Boy have dated, and brought home boys/girls.
While most were nice, pleasant people, something about them didn't quite click with the family.
Until August 2013.
Big Country Girl met a boy - lets just call him Country Fellow.
He was a happy, kind, friendly fellow.
He treated Big Country Girl with kindness and respect, and made her very happy.
Country Fellow also got along well with the rest of the family - even FATHER liked Country Fellow!
Country Fellow just seemed to 'fit' into our crazy family. I thought that maybe he was 'the one' for Big Country Girl, and I had even mentioned that to a few people in conversation.They just seemed to bring out the best in each other, and those around them.
A few weeks ago, Country Fellow asked for approval ... Country Fellow wanted to propose to Big Country Girl! And guess what  ...  she said YES!

No date set just yet, but we are all thrilled to make him part of our crazy family.
Sometimes Mom's just know!