Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring is in the air!

Oh my goodness, it has been a long time coming!
After a long, snowy, cold winter, spring is finally here!
Winter technically ended for us with the Skating Pot Luck Luncheon and awards ceremony, at which Little Country Girl was awarded Top Junior Skater! Way to go!!
Time to hang up those skates for the summer and lace up those soccer shoes!
So the long winter allowed me to plan out my veggie gardens and one of the top items was to improve the soil out in the plots. I took advantage of our towns compost giveaway as well as neighbors manure pile and spent a weekend working it in. I am now convinced the soil is in top condition for my crops.
I am happy to see that last years new apple tree survived the winter and is doing well.
I added a Plum tree this spring too, I hope it 'takes'. It didn't have too much root.
The last old apple tree had all the dead wood trimmed out this spring and we are being rewarded for our efforts. I do hope there are enough pollinators out and we get a heavy crop this fall.

The old apple tree we lost 3 years ago has sprouted.  A few new 'trees' have grown and been pruned. I will eventually have to decide which one I want to keep and cut the other out. I do hope it grows and produces Apples one day!

Mother Nature is rewarding us for the long winter with fragrance from the Lilac's. They are just loaded with blooms this year!

 I wish I could remember the name of these beauties

These were added last fall - 'China Doll'

This is the second season for the Frittilaria Imperialis

Some other pretties

The cold weather crops have been planted and are coming up.We had a frost this week, and there is another predicted for this week. I wont be able to put my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini in just yet.
I am just so glad I can be out in my gardens again!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hosta eating cat!

I never thought I would have to worry about my cat eating my Hosta's, after all she is an indoor cat.
I bought a few miniatures a few weeks ago and was keeping them in the back room until the weather got warm enough to plant them outside.
'Grand Prize'


And this one called 'Masquarade'

After doing a little research online, I discovered that 'Masquarade' was supposed to be variegated, and that is was commen for this Hosta to revert to all green. While not impressed with my all green 'Masquarade', I discovered that one section had the proper colors.

I decided that I would remove the part with the correct colors when I got home from work, and repot it in its own pot and it's all green siblings in another pot. Then the cat found it ...

Anyone else have plant eating cats?

Where does the time GO?

Seems hard to believe that my last post was almost a month ago!
The snow is all gone now, and we have had some nice weather.
I have started yard clean up and I've even seen the first bloom!
Today is Earth Day, and Mother Nature is  not happy.
Snow and hail today, with a chance of snow overnight.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed it is the last snow we see this year!