Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chomping at the bit!

Spring sure is taking it's time this year!
We had yet another snowfall this week. It wasn't a lot of snow, but it was snow. Little Country Girl made this little snowman while waiting for the school bus that morning.
The temperatures have been cold too and the garden really doesn't have anything growing.
I was able to get all the gardens raked out and edged on a warm day and now I have to wait patiently until things start growing.  I did take advantage of a free compost giveaway this weekend. The town offers free compost once a year as a thanks to residents for using their greenbox's.
I will be adding a mix of my compost and this compost to my veggie garden once it dries up. In the meantime, I am gathering things I will need so that when it is dry enough I can get right to work. I even have the fencing now, and just need to get 4 more posts and a gate. Fencing in the veggie patch has been something I have wanted to do since I made it.
The rain barrels were put out last weekend and are already full. While putting them out, I was reminded of a problem that I have been having around the front garden. VOLES!

 They leave holes in the garden, and I hold them responsible for the loss of 2 of my Hosta's in the past 2 seasons. The holes are multiplying too, so it's time to do something about it.
I didn't want to put poison out, and I wasn't sure how to trap them without the chance of catching birds. I had heard that little wind decorations scare moles away by making vibrations they don't like. I thought that might work with voles too, so I added this little duck spinner.
It's been spinning very quickly in the winds this week, and still new holes are appearing.
I watched a few videos on YouTube and thought I would try something I saw there.
I bought 2 snap traps and set them up by one of the holes.
Then I covered them up with a container and put a brick on top to hold it in place
This morning when I checked the traps, I discovered I had caught 2 voles!
I reset them and will move them to another hole when I think the hole is empty.
I will leave the little duck spinning out there too.
When a garden center finally opens, I will have to go and buy 2 new Hosta's to replace the ones the voles ate. The shopping is my favorite part!
I did find something exciting happening in my garden this morning ... The Fritillaria Imperialis bulb I planted last year is coming up!
They say these bulbs repel rodents. Maybe I should plant some by the Hosta's to keep the voles away!
This gardener is chomping at the bit! Lets hope the weather improves and things start to grow.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A lesson about ducks

I noticed something odd in my Maple tree after my dog walk early this morning.
Look a little closer
It's a DUCK!
In all my years, I have never seen a duck in a tree!
My hunting friend informed me it was a Wood Duck.
After a little research , I discovered this to be true.
I love living in the country! I'm always learning :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healing nicely

Last Thursday, Country Boy had another appointment at the fracture clinic.
The Doctor told us on the previous visit that if the next x-ray showed good improvement, he would change Country Boy's cast. Here is the latest x-ray...
The Doctor was pleased, and so Country Boy got a new cast.
This one is shorter, lighter, and removable!
He has needed my help washing his hair and a some other simple tasks for the past 3 weeks, but now Country Boy can shower again! He's getting his independence back.
May 1st we have another appointment, and with any luck he well be able to remove it.

NOT funny Mother Nature!

We have been enjoying warmer temperatures the past week or so.
I have been out working in the yard, raking, edging.
I was putting out all the garden ornaments in my t-shirt just a few days ago.
Today - April 25th - Mother Nature reminded us who is in charge.

Boomer wasn't too happy about the snow either!
Clearly there would be no yard work done today, so I did what I always do when the weather doesn't co-operate ...

I baked!
No wonder I always gain so much weight in the winter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Could it FINALLY be spring?

I didn't think the winter was EVER going to end!
The snow was piled high, the weather was still cold, it just seemed like spring was never going to get here. Then finally, the weather warmed a little. The snow started to melt!
It's amazing the difference 10 days makes!
The biggest snow drift in the yard was right on top of the back gardens.
While I figured this a good thing, my plants were well insulated, it seemed to take forever for this snow drift to melt. I watched daily, in hopes of getting to work in the garden.
 Saturday was the day!
The snow drift gone, the ground dried up a little, I was finally able to get out and work in the garden.
The back beds were trimmed back, raked out, and edged.
Gosh it felt good to get back out there!
I quickly discovered there were many toads hibernating in my gardens. In 2 days, I dug up 17  toads of various sizes! Nice to know that I have so many bug eaters around!
In 2 afternoons, I was able to finish all the back beds.
The front beds are north facing and so still have snow and ice.
There is plenty of gravel to rake off the lawn until the gardens thaw.
I'm so glad to see SPRING!