Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Hawk's come to visit...

Living in a rural area, I see many Hawk's of all shapes and sizes flying over the fields. During this time of year the snow is so deep and you see very few of these magnificent birds. Unfortunately, I have a couple of Hawk's that stalk my bird feeders. This upsets me, but I realize this is the circle of life. I caught this guy sitting in the Lilac tree right outside my kitchen window.
I snapped this creepy shot earlier in the year. I didn't notice it had a bird until after a feather floated down to me and I looked at the photos. Poor little bird :(
And just the other day I looked out towards my backyard bird feeder and spotted another one

I've been looking at this link to try and identify these birds but they are so similar I'm not too sure.
I do love to watch these Hawk's, but not after my little feather friends. I would like them a lot better if they stuck to the field mice.

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