Friday, February 11, 2011


As I continue to search for lost photos, the odd one pops up that I didn't know I had! Here is the 'before' shot of the small Hosta garden under my bedroom window. This was taken just after we moved in - nothing but a big mess of ditch Lily's.

I dug out most of the Lily's and added some bagged manure. In went a Bleeding Heart, several Hosta's, a Siberian Iris, Solomon's Seal and a Columbine. I can't find too many photo's of this garden, but here is one I took last spring.
And a little later in the season

This past summer I expanded this garden to accommodate my new  'Empress Wu' Hosta.  I can't wait to see this one at maturity...she will grow to be 5 ft tall!!

Then I decided that someone really can't have too many Hosta's and made another Hosta Bed on the other side of the house. I used my neighbors lovely manure mulch, and this time laid out some newspaper first.
This year I'll be looking for spots for the many Hosta pieces that will come from splitting up the original Hosta bed by the garage. They are getting just a little big!

I'm really starting to LOVE  Hosta's!

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