Friday, February 4, 2011

How we got to this place...

I was quite content in my 'cozy' house near the Lake until I found myself pregnant with our 3rd child. Suddenly my 'cozy' house seemed smaller. Where was I going to put another person?

As much as I hated the idea of moving, I knew we couldn't stay there much longer. We always wanted to live in the country. Mark wanted a garage to tinker in and I wanted a bigger yard.  We called our Realtor and told him what we were looking for and went and looked at 3 houses the following weekend. The first house we looked at was the one we bought... a 4 bedroom farmhouse with a huge garage on 2.46 acres! It needed some work but had everything we wanted...enough room for the family, a garage for Dad, a yard for the pets and kids to play in with enough room for Mom's gardens.  We put in an offer only to find that it already had a conditional offer on it! I was sure we were going to lose out but our Realtor kept our hopes up and sure enough, he sold our 'cozy' home in just a few hours. We got our house!!  That left me 5 weeks to pack up my house, have a baby, and move!
 My daughter was only 15 days old when we moved. That worked out well because babies sleep a lot at that age. My other kids were 9 and 7 at the time and they were a great help with the move as well as great babysitters. So here we were, starting our new life in the country!

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