Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bad weather and boredom

The weather was amazing yesterday ... 11°C and sunny. A fantastic day for February and most of the snow in my yard melted leaving a lake on my lawn.
This happens every year and we don't worry about the water. It is far enough from the house not to cause concern and if we are lucky, we get a few days with a skating rink. Well, Mother Nature was NOT happy last night...the temperature plunged and the winds began. I haven't seen winds like this for a long time ... the gusts must have been 80 km / hour or more. The house was shaking like I'd never felt before and I was worried about my new shingles that didn't really have time to seal since we put them on, and the 3 ancient Sugar Maples in the yard. I couldn't sleep so I decided to go online and try to do something with my family tree. I had started it about 12 years ago but took a break because of the lack of info out there about my German ancestors. Well lo and behold ... I found that the Census records of Mecklenburg were now online from 1900 on Family !! I was amazed and quickly found my Great Grandmother on my mother's side as well as other branches I knew nothing about. I was oblivious to the raging winds outside now in my ancestors tiny town in 1900!! Wow...the amazing wonders of the cyber world.  I can't wait to tell my Mom.

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