Friday, February 11, 2011

The evolution of the back garden

You may remember the only garden that was here when we came
Not terribly attractive was it?  It did have some nice plants ... Phlox, Sedum, Snow in Summer, Lamium, Ajuga as well as Lily's, but it was terrible neglected. The first thing I did was to dig out the Lily's and add lots of compost. I had moved many perennials from the old house, so I added them...Peony, Iris, Phlox,  Lady's Mantle, Culver's Root, Lamb's Ear and others. This was Autumn now so I also planted some bulbs.
The following spring, I dug up the 2 Sedum ~ they were HUGE and the 2 plants made 10 new ones ~which I shared with friends. I took advantage of perennial sales that year and filled the bed, as well as the expansion of it around the other side of the house. Added were Lupin's,  Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Daisy, more Phlox, Gaillardia, Penstemon, Peony and others. Somehow I have no photo's of this time, but here are a few from the years that followed

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