Friday, February 25, 2011

Slow progress on the kitchen

I'll bet you are wondering how my kitchen project is coming along. Well ... it's not. I finally got DH back to work on the island and now we have changed our plans again. Previously we decided that we would get an 18" dishwasher that would fit in the corner of the kitchen in a cupboard. Now that the cupboards are done and the island interior remains unused, we have decided to install a regular sized dishwasher in the island. Funny, when I first suggested that idea, he told me it wasn't possible. So...I went back to researching dishwashers and narrowed it down to a couple of models. Since dishwasher models are generally the same price everywhere (or within $20 or so) we have decided to pick up the GE model in town to support our local business rather than make Home Depot richer. We will be picking it up tomorrow, and then the kitchen island will have just one more modification - it needs to be an inch and a half taller.The actual island counter top is being built today. Wow! I'm going to have a dishwasher again!!  Wonder how long it will take DH to actually get it hooked up and washing my dishes?

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  1. I saw DH plumbing today, fantistic (get it?)