Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trail Camera - February 11th - Daytime shots!

We had a busy few days at the trail camera!
There were 31 new shots, and a few of them were daytime photos.
 All of 'our boys' have shed their antlers now, and it's getting hard to tell them apart. It's also getting more difficult to tell if we have the bucks or does in the photos. If the angle is just right, you can see where the antlers used to be attached.
 The buck on the left looks older - he looks grey!

I really wish we got more daytime shots. It's nice to be able to see the detail and the difference between them.  The buck on the right looks a little thin, despite the 'easy' winter they have had. There is still a lot of food - apples are still plenty and the corn fields are snow free. They aren't stopped by heavy snow cover this year and are able to travel freely. Not to mention the special treat they get twice a week from a certain someone ;)

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