Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February BLAHS

February is my least favorite month.
Usually, by this time of year, I am 'shack wacky' and feeling 'blah'.
This year, winter has given us a break.
This is the most snow we had all winter
 I don't want to complain about this winters lack of snow and cold - I certainly haven't missed shoveling snow - but somehow the mild winter hasn't changed how I feel.
BLAH is the best way to describe it.
I don't feel like I have DONE anything all winter.
 I have been doing all the regular stuff - cleaning, cooking, baking  - and the mild winter has allowed me to do a lot of walking. The trail camera has helped keep me amused, but even that activity has slowed. We haven't had any new trail camera photos since February 16th. (where did everyone GO?)
I did make good progress in my Family Tree this year ... looked thru hundreds of Parish Register Images and expanded my tree on 2 branches of my tree.
I found (and got addicted to!) Pinterest  which was very inspiring (and led to some great recipes and a few crafts) but easily made the time disappear.
But now I am ready for spring! 
Today, I dug out my seed boxes
AND my seed catalogs
Today I plan this years gardens!
One more day of February (thanks to this being a leap year)
The count down to spring is ON!


  1. We are all ready for gardening season. I just signed out a few gardening books from the library, and like you have the seeds and catalogues out. Lots of planning in my mind and I'm ready to go.

    I have a really hard time with the word verification, so if you don't see comments from me as often, please know that I am still visiting your blog.

  2. February blues are over n ow March is here. 62 Days till our trailer park opens