Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye January!

February 1st already!
I think I will remember January 2012 as "the lazy month".
Not that regular chores didn't get done. The regular cleaning and chores have been done.
But quickly.
I usually get into deep cleaning after Christmas.
Not this year.
I have been sitting at this desk for most of the month, working on my family tree.
And the family trees of friends.
Now that February is here, I have some catching up to do!
I think I'll start in the kitchen. Every drawer, cupboard and shelf needs cleaning.
Then, I'll move on the the kids rooms. I'm sure there are clothes they have grown out of, toys that aren't played with and with any luck, I'll find those missing socks.
My bedroom hasn't had a good clean out in a year. This year I really WILL get rid of those clothes that I haven't worn in years!
The dining room needs a clean out too. And a fresh coat of paint. I have hated the color in there since I put it on a few years ago. Maybe with a nice color I'd use that room more.
The upstairs bathroom needs more than a clean out. It needs a new tub surround, a bit of new drywall, and a light fixture.
Sounds like a lot of work.
Maybe I'll start tomorrow

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  1. The new year is usually when I get things all cleaned out too. I think because I have moved so much stuff out to make room for Christmas stuff that I hesitate to put things back until I have cleaned.
    You have to be in the mood to purge or it will never happen but once you start it becomes all consuming to get it done.