Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have I missed something?

I haven't been here too much lately, so bear with me.
First of all, the 'updated blogger interface'??  I was there...I was LOST! 
Thank goodness I found the button to change it back.
Word verification? I don't have that. Or DO I?
I just approved a comment that mentioned I do, yet I can't find a setting for that anywhere.
And when I went to reply to that comment, it wouldn't allow me to.
So it seems to me that I have missed something.
Not only it is near impossible for my readers to comment, it IS impossible for me to reply to these comments. It want's me to sign in constantly, when I'm already signed in!
The 'help' page isn't helping me at all!
Can someone shed some light on this for me?
Edited to add...
I have found/fixed the word verification issue.
I still can not comment on my own blog. I type in the words and when I try to enter it disappears.


  1. These Blogger updates are a headache for all. Hoping they can be sorted out soon. Glad I don't have to hassle with the word verification any more on your blog. Strange you can't comment on your own blog.

  2. Hi Netty - I was having the same problem with my comments - found the word verificiation under settings. And also was having trouble commenting back. I found the best way was to actually go into my blog (not through blogger) and comment that way. Silly stuff.

  3. I didn't even realize I HAD work verification!! It's off now and I changed a few things so hopefully I'll be able to comment now...