Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's so hard to find good help these days...

Thank goodness for the mild winter!
Back in the fall when we wanted to fill our oil tank, we found out our regular oil delivery service had sold. After contacting the new owner, they assured me that they would deliver us heating oil AND they would be prompt and courteous. We had quite a bit of trouble with the old owners- promising us a fill up and then having to be called a few times for a reminder before they would FINALLY appear with a half delivery.  I remember the horrible feeling I used to get when the oil tank got low and there was bad weather. NOT a good feeling! Not to mention the fact our water heater is also an oil burner.
After the new owner assured me great service, I didn't feel the need to call them until a few days before I wanted a delivery.  When I called for a delivery they told me they would be here the next day, or if they got behind, the following day. Well after waiting for a week, I decided to call them to see if they had forgotten about my delivery.  I was told that they didn't have a copy of the tank inspection report and they couldn't deliver me any oil until they had it. WHAT???  And when did they plan on informing me of this??  I was furious! I'm usually such a patient person, but I started yelling....'you assured me that I would get prompt and courteous service...' and the words flowed out of my mouth like never before.  Within an hour , I had an inspector here and the report in my hand.
I sent a copy to the oil company and they were here the next day.
End of story?
Oh no!
It seems I have horrible luck with anything heat related.
The furnace was cycling irregularly so I decided to call the repair man. We hadn't had our furnace cleaning last year so I wanted to book an appointment for a cleaning and check up.
The first 2 numbers I called were out of business. I finally checked the inspection report and discovered that the phone # was crossed out and a cell # was in it's place. (Not to mention the spelling error in the street name - that should have been my first clue!)
Left a message on the cell phone.
When I didn't hear back from him by the 7th day I called someone else. We arranged a time for the following Saturday morning.  He showed up exactly on schedule. He said the furnace wasn't bad, but he changed the jets and the filters. He couldn't find anything else wrong. Said we might want to think about a new fan as the old one was getting worn. OK...paid him cash and he went on his way.
That night, at 9:04 pm my phone rang. It was the first repair man that I called.
He was clearly drunk.
I explained to him that I left that message for him 8 days ago and that I had since called someone else, and the furnace was done.
End of story?
The furnace was acting up again. I left 2 messages for the repairman.
He didn't bother getting back to me, so my husband went downstairs to look.
Not only were the filters filthy, but the fan was squealing, and the furnace hadn't been cleaned!
He took matters into his own hands. He bought a new fan, replaced the filters, and cleaned the furnace.
The furnace is purring like a kitten now, and we saved a bundle.
I thought that was the end of the story, but it wasn't.
We needed an oil delivery. I thought that since I had the inspection report, I would take the opportunity to use a new oil delivery service, one a little more local and had a good reputation.
I went to their office and asked if they wanted a new client.  We did all the paperwork needed and I told them they could come any time they were ready.
They hadn't come after a few days so I called. They had no record of this, but they would send someone out that day.  They did, but wouldn't fill the tank.
It was missing a 'whistle' and the inspection should NOT have passed without it.
You have GOT to be kidding me!
Another joy of rural living.
I love my wood stove more every day
It's so hard to find decent help these days.

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  1. I agree completely. When we first moved into the house, I wanted some more electrical outlets put in. Called the recommended electrician - he showed up 4 hours late for the consultation. Yep, no problem, it can be done in the next couple of weeks. That was 6 months ago. Guess what? No new electrical outlets. Never heard from them.
    Hope you stay warm - thank goodness it's not -20 out there.