Thursday, August 11, 2011

A trip to the veggie patch

Busy, busy week it has been!
First a trip to the compost to empty my under the counter container.
Outside the door are a few planters, one of them being my 'Tiny Tim's' in a Tub
The Basil is looking good too!
 Today I also cleaned out the fruit bowl so there are a few apples to share with the neighbors horses. Nina spotted me from across the field and came to see me with her colt in tow. He's getting so BIG and is the spitting image of his mother-and just as sweet!
After getting rid of my bruised apples, I took notice of how large my mystery compost vine is getting
But it is no longer a mystery - Acorn Squash I think!
Out in the garden, I had to step over this almost ripe pumpkin. My son will be bugging for pumpkin pie as soon as he sees this!
I am so impressed with these 'Royal Burgundy' Beans! The just keep producing more and more beans and have out preformed the regular green ones again.
These tomato plants are the volunteers that I moved here.
I keep a lot of volunteers and this year I have 70 tomato plants!
I sacrifice a few tomato plants every year for these guys...
The Zucchini and having their second wind
The plants are loaded with I pick them I find young ones hiding below them
Does anyone else have trouble with mice in their cucumbers? I have only been able to pick one field cucumber and none of my special Italian round ones
 I planted mixed colored carrots this year and thought I would test one.
It came out forked, which was no surprise with our clay soil.
Still tasty though!
Here is my zucchini collection today - after I gave away 16 earlier this week
That is 30!!
 Zucchini anyone?


  1. wow! Your garden looks amazing. I can't wait to get mine started next spring - too late after the move to Tillsonburg in July to do anything this year.

  2. Thanks Heather!
    Some things are growing great (zucchini, beans, tomatoes) others aren't doing well at all (peppers, kale, broccoli) I'm starting to plan next years garden improvements. You know what they say ... there is no garden as great as next years garden ;)

  3. Netty your veggies look so good.What a cute little colt. Love your header picture of your garden bed. What a beautiful bunch of flowers girl!

  4. Netty---over 70 tomatoes, wowza. That's a lot. And they all look so healthy. Can't wait to see what you make with all of that produce.

    The colt is the spitting image of his mother, how cute. You certainly have a green thumb!

  5. Lovely fruits of your labours. The rabbits did away with mine... sigh. No pumpkins, squash, etc. sigh.
    Thanks for visiting!