Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tree Tomato Update - August 17

Well, the tree tomato's are continuing to be a disappointment.
While the other varieties are big, green and bushy and already producing, the Tree Tomato's are slow.
The potted Tree Tomato, while clearly NOT a tree, is loaded with fruit. There are 24 tomato's on this little plant and I will probably pick the first one later today.  I might add they are not the size of grapefruits as advertised on the original package.
The other variety from the package- 'Big Early'- are barely as tall as the tomato cages but loaded with oddly shaped fruit. They remind me of the heritage varieties you see so I'm hoping they will taste better than they look.
I have a few of these ripening on the window sill
All I need now is some bacon  :)

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  1. Even though they aren't producing like you hoped, they still look wonderful to me! Mine have all keeled over and are lying on their sides, looking pathetic.

    Yum, is there a BLT on the menu?