Sunday, August 28, 2011

A good day in the garden

Not only is it feeling like Autumn, it is LOOKING like Autumn too
With soccer done and school on the horizon,  I finally have a bit of free time to putter in the gardens.
Today's harvest took me a little by surprise (the dog and cat were most interested too!)
 A half bushel of beans, a basket of tomatoes, a small box of cherry tomatoes, a green pepper, 4 large hidden zucchini and just one- a sample- of this years purple carrots.
The cherry tomatoes have been left out in a glass bowl on the table and have been eaten by anyone who passes by. I already had a basket of tomatoes so I skinned and cut them for the freezer.

( Thanks Crafty Gardener for the idea! )
This tray was mostly the 'Big Early' variety which was quite pulpy and seedy. The tomato in the top left corner on the tray was a 'Big Beef' and is clearly a better slicing tomato.
I was quite surprised that the center of the purple carrot was orange!
It sure was tasty!
The Basil did very well this year
I'm really not too sure how to preserve this. Freeze? Dry?
The new freezer is getting packed up with my excess garden pickings.
One question I keep asking myself about my freezer purchase...
What took me so long???


  1. Glad you tried freezing the tomatoes. I've been doing them too, now I'm all ready for soup and casserole season.
    Did the purple carrot taste any different? I think I'll look for some at the market this week

  2. Wow, Netty, what a bountiful garden harvest! I can see the freezer was a great purchase for you, aren't they handy to have? I've never seen a purple carrot before, how cool that is. I wish my tomatoes had done better this year, I needed to make juice. I can see you don't have the same problem, look at that basket full! Wonderful.

  3. Hi Netty, Your produce looks great! I am enjoying my tomatoes and zucchini as well. I freeze tomatoes for chili, and give away the rest of the excess - others always appreciate that.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Any more zucchini? The yellow one you gave us Sunday got cooked that night and the green one on Monday. Sure am glad I have a generous gardener buddy!