Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heading for the deep freeze...

I've been talking about it for years and it finally happened...
I bought a chest freezer!
While not full sized, I'm convinced that it is large enough to hold the garden produce and more.
Yesterday I grated zucchini and packaged it in 3 cup bags - the amount I use in my zucchini bread recipe. I also sliced a few for other things.
I also bagged some beans, and rhubarb.
This got me to thinking about next years vegetable garden...I could really become self sufficient in the veggie department if I do it properly.
You know what they say ... there is no garden as good as next years garden!


  1. You will love eating your own fresh veggies year round. Have you thought about freezing tomatoes - great for soups and stews and sauces.

  2. Oh yes! I'm just getting good ripe ones now and I'm not tired of bacon and tomato's yet LOL I followed your link and I think I'll try freezing them your way this year (individually frozen wedges) I usually just skin them and freeze them whole. Thanks for the link :)

  3. Well done! Zucchini bread sounds delicious!!! I smiled after reading Crafty Grdener's comment. Today, I found two small bags with frozen cut tomatoes-2010. They were the last, and I forgot about them. I use frozen tomatoes to cook them with onions and eggs.

  4. I would say this year's garden was a fantastic one by looking at all the produce you are packing into your new freezer. I don't own a chest freezer here, but my mother has one and we share it as she doesn't have enough food to put in hers. I have to walk a quarter mile to get to my freezer in her garage, but even at that, it's still such a handy thing to have. Congratulations on your new purchase!