Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flaunt Your Flowers - Fertilizer Friday August 11

Another week has passed (where does the time GO??)
The August winds are blowing reminding me that Autumn is just around the corner.
Here are some blooms from my gardens to share with you for 
The Helenium buds are opening
I love the cheery little blooms of the Rudbeckia Triloba aka Branched Coneflowers.
 They seem to pop up everywhere in the yard
One of the few plants that came with the house, this Phlox (maybe 'Bright Eyes'?) is a favorite
The 'David' is lovely too, and very fragrant
The first Salvia  'Black and Blue' bud to open
Sunflower volunteer
'Grandpa Ott' volunteer - haven't planted any in 2 years!
Another volunteer - Amaranthus 'Love Lies Bleeding' from last year.
Can you spot the spider on this 'Muskoka Moonlight' Rose?
Some foliage-
I am quite impressed with how quickly these little Elephant Ear bulbs have grown
Some Lemon Grass Hair
I love the foliage of this 'Black Lace' Sambucus
Love this unknown Hosta cultivar too - this one is a sun lover
Pretty blooms too - later than most other Hosta blooms
Another Dahlia bloom unfurling
Miniature Rose
Almost missed the first Dipladenia bloom...wind tattered but still beautiful
And finally, a shot of another beautiful Garden Spider
They are lovely to see in the garden, but I'm sure if he was on me I'd be screaming like a girl!
Until next time
Happy Gardening


  1. I would scream as well if that spider was on me, they freak me out!

    You have some really pretty flowers blooming this week. Some day I am going to try growing that Salvia Black and Blue, I love it!

  2. Grandpa Ott may be pretty but he is also persistent! We haven't planted any in five years and pull every one we see germinate because they were taking over the gardens... and they still show up every year! I guess we Grandpas can be rather strong willed at times! Larry

  3. Gorgeous flowers! Love Lies Bleeding used to reseed it self all over my gardne, but it petered out a few years ago. This reminds me to get some seed!
    Do I dare say the spider is pretty too..only in his where else ;)

  4. I too am in awe of the love lies bleeding everytime I see it!