Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flaunt your Flowers - August 25

Days are getting noticeably shorter and it is feeling more like Autumn every day.
My garden seems confused and some things are re-blooming.
This Wisteria bloomed months ago, and while the seed pods hang on one side
there are loads of buds forming on the other side.

This Dianthus bloomed early this spring
Clematis blooming again too
This was the first Phlox to bloom early this summer and it is blooming again 
This Potentilla has been blooming since mid June 
This Dahlia puts out new blooms every once in a while too
Salvia - one of my favorite annuals - always looking good
Rose re-blooming too

 Morning Glory
My favorite Hosta, night blooming Plantaginea
Join in with Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday and see some great gardens!


  1. You still have a nice selection of blooms in the garden. I've got a couple of re-bloomers as well. But a lot are finishing off as they started so early this year.

  2. I have never tried to grow a wisteria and I think I should give it a try sometime in the future, how lovely! I love flowers that rebloom in fall, it makes it feel like summer isn't over already.

  3. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I so wish that I had planted some morning glories this summer especially after seeing your pretty blue one. I also really love the dahlia.

  4. So nice to see so much colour still in your garden. You're right about the weather, it definetly feels autumnal. Refreshing really after the hot summer we've had.

  5. That Dianthus is very pretty, it's one of my favorite perennials. Love the Dahlia too. What a bummer that you can't grow Lobelia. You still have plenty of beautiful flowers prolonging the gardening season, but autumn is definitely in the air here too.