Monday, November 28, 2011

What is lurking in YOUR neighborhood?

 With summer gone, and gardening season over, it's once again time to walk and explore the fields and forest around my house. You may remember one of my other posts in which my friend, Gary, and I went exploring and found a few interesting things on one of our walks. On a walk 2 weeks back, we found a few fresh bones and that got us to wondering what was lurking the fields. I know there are coyote there, as I have seen them and heard them howling - quite frequently they howl at passing trains. There has also been wolf, bear and cougar sightings in the area
We set off across the fields and it wasn't long before we found the first bone. And then another.
They looked fresh and we decided that they belonged to a young deer.
We stumbled across the feeding site...fur and bones spread out over a small area. No photos of that though...kind of creepy really and I didn't think to snap a photo.
The animals seem to have a beaten path to the watering hole, so we decided this was a good place to put up a trail cam.
Gary is a hunter and has all the gadgets. Here is his trail cam in position in the tree.
This infrared camera takes photos of anything that moves within 40 feet, day or night, and tells you the time the photo was taken and the temperature.
Our first trip out to check this camera left us with one good photo
We set the camera up again, this time a little further back, and trimmed the branches so we would have a better view. We will be going out to check for new photos on Wednesday.
I can't wait to see what lurks this week!

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  1. Oh, lots of things lurk in your neighborhood! Mine, too. We have a lot of animals here, but I haven't seen any bear (yet). I love viewing the wildlife camera footage.