Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walkin' Wednesday - exploration!

Every Wednesday during my off season, my friend Gary and I get together. We take this time to catch up, drink a bit of coffee and exercise.  When the weather is bad we rely on  'Wii Fit' and when the weather is nice, we like to walk. Really, we like to explore.  I've been eying up an area nearby and was afraid to explore it alone so I took Gary.  Even from Google Maps you can clearly see that once upon a time there was SOMETHING in this area and I wanted to go see WHAT!
So we set off on our walk. I was determined to find treasures from the past and Gary was determined to see some deer. It wasn't long before I thought Gary might be lucky today...fresh deer poop...and LOTS of it!
  We made our into the forest. The vines we so thick that we were sure we never would make it in if it were summer. The trees all appeared dead as the branches were snapping at the slightest touch. Some of the vines were very old and their trunks were bigger than my arm!  As we continued on Gary was first to spot this
A well!! The top had long since rotten off, exposing the rocks that made the well walls. I KNEW that something was here!!  As we got to exploring we found other objects that showed that someone once lived here.

                                                   And that something once died here
 This spot was long forgotten. Many treasures are probably buried here under the layers of leaves and soil.  3 rolls of farm fence that never got used made me think that this spot was quickly abandoned and it made me wonder why.
  Continuing on our walk, we decided to go and see a pond behind a neighbors house. Walking through farm fields we stepped thru a tree line to see a beautiful sight
There were a few ducks and geese swimming around, and had I not been making so much noise, we would have seen the blue heron. It flew away, but still a magnificent sight to see. This was only my third time to this pond and  I know from the owners of this land that this is where all the wild life is. There has been sightings of many deer, birds, coyotes, cougar, and bear. I must admit I am always on high alert when coming here. This huge canine type track reminded me of the reason why
So off we went, much to Gary's disappointment. He didn't say anything, but I know he wanted to explore this spot further. (Sorry I'm such a chicken Gary~animals are really HUNGRY this time of year!) We headed back home to re-hydrate and chat a little.  I'm sure we will come here again and maybe I won't be such a chicken next time.


  1. now I am curious too!!! go back and snoop around some more!!! This is my kind of adventure!

  2. Maybe the wildlife was afraid we were more hungry than they were!