Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tree Tomato update - June 26th

I thought it was about time for a Tree Tomato update...
They had a slow start, but I still put them out in the garden after the last frost date with the other tomatoes. From the 2 kits only 4 Tree Tomato plants survived (sown April 14th), and 8 'Big Early' plants (sown March 28th)
3 Tree Tomatoes went out into the garden and the other was planted in a large pot on the back deck. The garden soil was amended with composted manure and the pot was a mix of manure, compost and black earth. They are all looking healthy, but small and still lacking blooms.
Here are the Tree Tomatoes in the garden
Here are some of the Big Early plants
Note the 'Sweet Million' plants on the far left...much larger and already producing tomatoes. They were planted out the same day as the others.
The Tree Tomato in the pot on the porch
It is a little larger and has blooms
So far, they aren't impressing me. Remember the claims on the box?
"grow bushels of tomatoes as big as grapefruits"
"grows up to 8 feet tall"
"up to 60 pounds of extra large tomatoes per plant"
They have a lot of growing to do to live up to those claims before the season here ends!


  1. Beefsteaks are losing the race in my little garden. Everything else is twice as big with some dime and quarter size tomatoes. Dirt, sheepshit and miracle-grow.

  2. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Hi Netty, I am new to vegetable gardening and have never heard of tree tomatoes! I would have signed up for tomatoes the size of grapefruit too if I were you! Sounds impressive. It will be interesting to see how they turn out in the end.
    P.S. I really like the dark pink peony and the Home and Garden rose in your last post.

  3. Your tomatoes, while not fulfilling promises, are larger than mine!
    Thanks for commenting.
    Yes, Northern Flicker! Cheeky thing was harassing a rabbit on the lawn.
    Cheers from S.E. Ontario Cottage Country!