Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birds everywhere!

This year, the birds have returned to our yard in great numbers. There is a family of Tree Swallow's living in the birdhouse my husband made a few years ago.
The Swallow's are used to me and allow me to walk near their house and within a few feet of where they like to sit on the clothes line.
There are Robin's nests all over the the hedges and even on the woodpile!
I've been watching with interest the Robin that has made herself a nest outside my kitchen window in the Lilac tree. I thought it would be great for the kids to be able to see the eggs hatch and the little ones growing and fledging.
 This morning during the rain, I looked out and noticed that she had her wings spread as if to make an umbrella, so I knew that her eggs must have hatched.
While sitting inside just a few minutes ago, I heard the Mama Robin very upset and I went to the window and there were 2 black birds near the nest that was now tipped over!  I banged on the window and ran outside to chase them away and noticed that there were several Robin's now putting the chase to these Black Birds. I ran back to check the nest and found 3 bald babies in different area's - 2 on the ground and one hanging from the branch.  I once was told never to touch baby birds as the mother would reject them. If I didn't do something they would surely die, so I quickly picked up the nest and carefully put the 3 babies back in the nest, making sure to lodge the nest securely in the branches. There were all moving, but I'm not sure if they were hurt?? I went around the yard to make sure these bad Black Birds were gone and then went back inside. I saw the Mother Robin return, frantic that her nest was gone, but she suddenly spotted the nest, checked out the contents and then got right back to business of keeping the young warm. Phew!!  I sure hope those little guys are OK!

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  1. P.S. You can touch baby birds! It's a myth! My baby was bleeding, probably similarly attacked. Nature...