Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Empty Nest

You may remember the 3 little Robin's I saved not just once, but 3 times?
The Robin's have fledged!
Yesterday I got a few shots of them in the nest and thought how quickly they had grown
They filled the nest and I knew they couldn't stay much longer

Good Luck little birds!


  1. How old are they in the photo?
    I have one I saved from death, sibling took off. We've been hand feeding it for a week...
    Apparently, the parents kick them out of the nest a day at a time. They then follow them to keep on feeding them. Batman (not Robin!) refuses to feed himself. His day starts at 5:30!
    Cheers from S.E. Ontario Cottage Country!

  2. I think they are about 2 weeks old in the photo. My book says they stay in the nest 14-16 days so that seems about right. They looked like they wanted to jump out of the nest last night and this morning they were all gone. I saw one under the tree with Mama nearby, but no sign of the others. They could have been hiding in the garden.
    Good luck with your Robin, they are a lot of work!