Monday, May 23, 2011

A stroll through the back garden...

The long weekend nearly behind me, I paused to see the work I had done, or better yet, the work that was left to do. My gardens are always a work in progress ... I know exactly how I want the finished layout , but time, money, and lately ENERGY is always short. Someone recently said they wanted to see the layout of my gardens so I took a little walk with my camera.
  Starting at my shady bedroom window garden.  
The Bleeding Heart is almost looking it's best and as usual, the wind is blowing.
It seems every year the wind hits this plant at it's peak.
The Solomon's Seal is really growing in nicely this year.

The white plant on the left is my Hosta 'White Feather' that I moved here last year. It was not happy in it's old place in the garden, but I think it is safe to say it likes it's new spot here.
Heading around the corner we come to the newest Hosta Bed
  There are 7 Hosta's in here, all pieces from friends except for this one I bought - 'Stained Glass' which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
The garden shed makeover is almost done. I'd like to get the roof done, and the new doors on. But the new window box is in and has just been planted up. I don't know why, but I forgot to get a shot of that.
Heading towards the back
 There is a Wisteria on that arbor that is just getting leaves. Last year it finally had it's first bloom so I hope it will have more blooms this year. Not a lot of color in this part of the garden yet.
Going thru the arbor, here is a look on either side. Not a lot of color here yet either, but a few annuals should do the trick!

 Looking back 

The Lilac's are opening and the scent is heavenly! To think that last fall the roofers wanted me to cut this Lilac down!
This pond garden by the door is slow to get color as well. That's OK - green IS a color!
This planter of Lemon Grass greets you at the step
That's as far as my tour got before the rain. More next time :)



  1. Hi Netty.Girl I love your neat edged flowerbeds.If only mine looked as good.LOL! Your Salomon's Seal looks so pretty.We have it growing wild here and I really need to add some to the Woodland bed. Lilacs are my favorite flower scent in the spring. If only they could bottle the correct scent for them.It never smells like the real thing. That Hosta White Feather is such a stunner. Does it stay that color or turn greener? I really like it.

  2. Thanks Lona! I agree ... they never seem to get the scent quite right for Lilac, or Lily of the Valley either.
    White Feather comes up while, but turns all green soon after. But it sure adds a lot of interest to the garden this time of year!