Sunday, May 1, 2011

Computer woes, Dad's Birthday, Free compost, and a downed tree

It's been a very busy week! Now that I'm back to work full time I'm trying to get the hang of working , as well as keeping house, shuttling kids, doing the errands, giving the pets attention, shopping and of course, blogging.  It really makes me thankful that I'm able to be home full time a few months of the year.  I don't know how 'regular' Mom's do it all year without having a meltdown!
 This week my old computer finally had it's last meltdown. I had to put my faithful old Dell out of it's misery. I brought my new one home yesterday but  I didn't hook it up immediately. Instead I went outdoors to enjoy the first sunny day in WEEKS. The town was offering FREE compost - 2 containers full to each family - so I took my shovel and my recycle bins and backed up the car to a mountain of compost

Not the best shot of it, but that's what happens when you let a 7 year old do the photography!  LOL
In the end I managed to get 6 containers full in several trips...not bad looking stuff!

I worked outdoors most of the day and then went inside to hook up my new computer. Right away, I thought the computer wasn't working properly but since I had no previous experience with Window's 7, I thought I could customize and I would figure it all out. After a few hours of fiddling and getting very frustrated, I finally decided that I should re-start and that's when things went sour. All I get is a blank screen! And of course the computer shop is closed until Monday.  Grrrr!  I'm not so sure I like Window's 7...I loved my Window's XP...why did they have to change things?  Getting this resolved is going to be a pain in the butt.
 This week was also DH's birthday, which in our house means CAKE!
He wouldn't allow us to put in candles OR sing happy birthday ... what an old grump! The cake was delicious though :)

This weeks weather was cold, wet, and windy. On Thursday we had high winds with gusts over 100 km/hour. There were many branches down and at work they lost this very old Spruce Tree.
Now that May is here, I hope the weather improves. But looking at the forecast, it looks like another cool, wet week ahead.

Oh yes - and don't forget to VOTE on Monday!

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