Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is spring FINALLY here??

Spring seems to be taking it's sweet time getting here this year. Most of April and the first part of May brought rain, rain, and more rain. And the temperatures have been WAY below seasonal. We are still using the wood stove every day. Today things seem to be changing. 2 days of sunshine have the lawn green and long enough to cut. And the gardens are finally coming to life too...

The frogs are singing, and the birds are happy and busy building nests. The Hummingbirds are now back and fighting over the feeders. I am out in the garden planting and weeding and enjoying the sounds of nature. I've really missed this!


  1. I love seeing photos of all my favorite spring plants that have already gone by here in PA. Is that primrose 'Cherry Pinwheel'?

  2. I'm not sure what the cultivar of that Primula is Caroyln ... it was passed on to me by a friend.
    (Sorry for the delay...this comment just appeared for moderation today - May 21st!)