Friday, May 6, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - May 6 2011

This spring sure seems to be taking it's time getting here. It has been raining and cold with the exception of 2 days this week that we got some sunshine.  Things seem to be about 2 weeks behind this year.
I did manage to snap a photo of the Primula in bloom, and so I will once again join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday .


  1. Your primula is gorgeous. I have some very similar in color as yours, and I enjoy them every year.

  2. Hi i am new here, just wondered why you're so thrifty in posting photos, hahaha! While all of us try to compress a lot in one post, you just posted one! Am sorry, this is just my first time to see only one photo per post. But i really love its color, and of course i also love that photo of your house on your sidebar. It looks so tranquil and feels like really a home! thank you.

  3. Hi Andrea - I'd love to be able to fill this post with gorgeous photos! Unfortunately, the weather here in Southern Ontario has been unseasonably cold and wet this spring and there are simply no blooms to photograph yet. Don't you worry though...once things get growing I'll be filling these posts with color :)