Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shed makeover

My neighbor took down a wooden paddock fence last year. The wood lay in his barn yard for almost a year when I asked him what he was going to do with it. He said it was Hemlock and too brittle for horse fencing-one kick and it was splitting- so he was probably just going to burn it. Unless I wanted to take it? The wood was a beautifully aged silver color and I was sure I could come up with something to do with it.  We decided to turn it into siding for our woodshed. Here it is before-just a regular tin shed

And now
I'm not sure exactly what to do about the doors yet. My first thought was to make real 'swinging' doors. But because this woodshed gets a lot of wind, there is always a snow drift in front of it which would make it harder to open during the winter. I may just color match the wood and get paint for the doors, but I'm not sure yet. Regardless, there was enough wood left to do my garden shed.  I have a deep hatred for white siding! We also had 2 windows from MIL stored in the basement that could replace the cracked windows.  Before...

And here, not quite done
Voila! It still needs the trim painted and the doors done, and Hubby even said he would make me a planter box for the other window. Nothing goes to waste around here!

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