Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tree tomato germination

It's been a busy week! With spring weather here, I've been busy doing yard and garden clean up. It has been too wet to get out into the veggie garden, but I have managed to rake a good part of the yard and start edging a few of the flower beds.
Inside, the seeds are sprouting. Here is a picture of the tree tomato kit:
If you recall, I had thought that all 6 were tree tomato's and instead found 3 early tomato's. You might notice that the early tomatoes are doing very well... there are in fact 7 early tomato seedlings. Have a look at the tree tomato's
Just one seedling. ONE! I sure hope the rest are just slow. I'm getting disappointed with this project already.
Notice the beautiful basil seedlings in the back ground? I'm impressed already :)

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