Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day clean up

It has become tradition for my kids and I to clean the ditches on a stretch of road near our house every Earth Day. We seem to be the only ones on our road that do this. Once, I even had a neighbor stop and ask what we were doing and WHY?  My kids and I were speechless, and I finally answered with "because it's Earth Day!" They drove off and left us to our work, but I've often thought of that comment and wondered WHY NOT? We clean a 1km stretch of our road, both sides, and one side has quite a deep ditch. Boots are a must have.   The 2 older kids were busy, so my 7 year old and I (and the dog) set off down the road.

There are only 3 houses on this stretch of road - one is ours, one is a cottage, and one is a (currently vacant) farm. We usually half fill a blue box along this stretch. This is what we picked up this year
We filled the blue box AND the wagon! The garbage consisted of Tim Horton coffee cups (a new Tim's opened in our town last year), McDonald's wrappers (McDonald's across from Tim's on Highway), beer bottles (people are STILL drinking and driving??) , pop cans and cigarette packages (these can be recycled) , and lumber (??).   So it seems to me, people are getting WORSE not better. Sad. It seems no one cares.
Well look out people who litter  'OUR'  stretch of road!  WE care, and we will be looking for YOU!


  1. What a great project, and a valuable learning experience for your kiddos.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. I am stunned when people throw things out their car windows. Especially cigarettes. Some people who would never throw a cup on the ground think nothing of tossing their cigarette butts everywhere. Filthy.
    Good for you and your family doing what you can. You have taught them a great lesson in life.

  3. Smokers are the worst litterers. A butt, then the empty pack, then what the hell: Tim's cup.....Did you at least find any Easter Eggs?