Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tree Tomato's - Take 2

I check on my tree tomato's yesterday and was HORRIFIED at what I found!  I guess I haven't been paying enough attention because my only 2 tree tomato's had damped off.
The other ones, the Big Early's, are doing great! They are growing their first set of true leaves and will be ready to transplant into bigger pots very soon. Funny thing is, it was Tree Tomato's that I wanted and while only 2 of those germinated, there are 12 Big Early plants.
I decided that it was still early enough to start some fresh Tree Tomato seeds, so I went back to the store and bought another kit. I really, REALLY want to see if these tomato's are going to live up to the claims on the package. So here we go again...


  1. Ah, I really ought to get going on this stuff... inertia!
    Thanks for visiting my Reflections From Cottage COuntry! Lost a precious first spring flower to the deer. Oh well.
    Cheers from Perth!

  2. Oh no. How frustrating. I don't have much luck with growing indoors. I too don't pay enough attention.