Sunday, July 6, 2014

The early July garden

Life has a way of getting so hectic that sometimes you just have to STOP and force yourself to take some time look around. School is out now and so the kids are home to help with chores.
Even having help with a few simple things eases the load a lot, and makes room for a few other things ... like JAM!
Big Country Girl and a friend went strawberry picking. Nothing quite like the taste of fresh picked Ontario strawberries still warm from the sun!
And so, with my plan of canning/preserving this year, I made jam.
2 batches and I ended up with12 jars of various sizes.
I also learned the sweet sound that other canners said I would learn to love ... the sound of the "ping" that means the jars have sealed. The jam is a hit, so I'm not sure how long the 12 jars will last.
Despite the bunnies, beetles and lack of fence, the veggie patch is doing well. The first zucchini is almost ready to pick and I can't wait to stuff it!
The radishes have all been picked and have been re-sown
And the tomatoes are coming along nicely
Spinach is producing, and so is the kale.
Cucumbers are growing and there will be peppers to pick very soon.
And the bunnies (so far) have saved me some peas!
Hubby says today MAY be the day for the fence to go up IF he is home from work early enough. Keeping my fingers crossed!
A few photos from the flower gardens - the first being the Black Lace Sambuccas that I thought was dead from the previous post. It is growing back in well!
I am really impressed with my Blue Oat Grass this year
And also the vivid blooms on the Rose Campion
Last years Daisy's from the discount rack are putting on a show
A few Roses

And a few overall shots of the gardens, which are starting to fill in quite nicely

Next Sunday, our local Horticulture Society is having a garden tour.
I can't wait to see other people's gardens :)

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  1. Lots of beautiful blooms in your garden. My zucchini is producing a bloom a day and the small zucchini are forming nicely ... not as far along as yours but I'm beginning to dream of tasting it. I'm picking lots of lettuce and peas right now. Enjoy the garden tour.