Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally a garden fence!

It was only 10 years coming, but I FINALLY have a fence around the veggie garden!
 Complete with gate and sign, made in the winter.
The garden hasn't changed, but somehow the fence makes it feel complete. And hopefully, this will keep the rabbits out.
I have been busy starting the harvest, first with the Black Currents. 
My first time making Black Current jam!
I have been picking Sugar Snap peas, and bush beans too
Yesterday for the first time I made pickles!
I have also been picking a few cherry tomatoes, but they don't make it back to the house ... YUM!
One thing I have noticed this year is the lack of pollinators. I have not seen a single honey bee this year. I think this is due to the increase of GMO crops in the area. Thankfully the fields surrounding me are 'Certified Organic' (so I am told, however I am not sure how it got this designation), but beyond those fields things have changed. There are suddenly weedless fields of wheat, soya beans, and corn and giant tractors with sprayers. But that's another post for another day.
Meanwhile, the unknown vine that grew from the compost in the back garden is growing well
I had hoped it was a pumpkin or squash, but this week, this vine finally gave a clue...
Gourds! Now I'm not sure how long I will keep this vine growing here. 
Also this week was Little Country Girls 11th birthday!
And spoiled she was! A girl only turns 11 once ;)

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