Sunday, June 22, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Yesterday marked the first day of summer - the Summer Solstice.
I look forward to summer each year, but in a way I am saddened when it gets here. My favorite time is spring, the season of hope, new life and lengthening days.  The summer solstice is the day with the most hours of sunlight, and that means the days are starting to get shorter again.
BUT, there is still plenty of daylight left and with that comes busy days.
I am getting used to my earlier work shift now, and actually prefer to start earlier.
This gives me time to get some work done around the yard/house.
One of my priorities has been the fence for the veggie garden. I managed to get the 6 posts in, and now I just need a gate and some help getting the metal posts in and the fence attached.

The gate will go where the water tanker is parked.
I hope to get the fence up very soon as the bunnies have been busy in there. I have been letting the dog chase them away, but they seem to come at night now when they know the dog is inside.
The yard is also filled with Chipmunks this year. I don't know where they came from - we have never had any before - but they are driving the dog crazy! I'm not sure what they eat, but if it turns out to be tomatoes or anything else in my garden I will be declaring war!
It was my birthday last weekend, and I was spoiled once again!
A new Rose bush and planter, as well as a few plants and seed packets. My kids know me too well!
The Rose was planted in the new part of the back garden.
The planter was filled and planted up with the birthday plants and a few extras
And another birthday surprise came this week. Friends of mine, amused by my Hosta addiction, brought over this 'Pandora's Box' miniature Hosta!
I think this one is the 32nd variety in my garden! It is sooo small I am afraid the bunnies will make a meal of it! I also snuck in Hosta #31 this week, Guacamole.
Another thing I love about this time of year is the Peony's.You may remember the story of my Mother's Peony's  ... This plant is getting bigger and better each year.

Some of the others around the yard

I finally had a chance to tidy up some of the shrubs and winterkill. Sadly, I lost 2 Rose bushes this winter, and I thought I lost my beautiful Black Lace Sambuccus.
After going in to cut off the old wood, I noticed that there was still some life left in it.
  It is going to leave a huge void in the bed until it grows back again. It used to hide the mess of the compost pile. I think I may have to move it. (the pile, not the shrub)
I have read a lot about the benefits of Comfrey. I am currently brewing a bucket full of Comfrey tea that is reported to be an excellent organic fertilizer for the veggie garden. It stinks to high heavens, but is supposed to work very well. We shall see.  It is a pretty plant and the Hummingbirds love the little blooms.
Things are always changing in the garden. It could look completely different next week.
This morning the first Rose opened :)


  1. Your roses and peonies are beautiful! Do you know the names of the varieties? (So readers can decide they simply MUST have one of those...) And your vegetable garden looks huge! I hope your fence goes up easily and blocks out the critters. Thanks for giving us the garden tour! -Beth

  2. What a glorious rose. Your peonies are still blooming .. ours dropped with all the wind and rain last week. Chipmunks will eat bird seed and peanuts, so if you have feeders they will forage underneath them. But they also nibble on tomatoes ... I often find a little cherry tomato with a bite taken out of it. Good luck with the fencing project.