Sunday, July 20, 2014

The garden in mid July

I had a little bit of time yesterday to snap a few pictures of the garden, and some current bloomers.
'Navona' Lily and Veronica behind
In the same corner of the garden is Mallow 'Party Girl'

The first 'Crazy Love' Dahlia bloom of the season
A volunteer Poppy, this time a delicate ruffled pink
I've save the Mirabilis for several years now, and it is getting to be shrub size!
An interesting Nicotiana, an almost green plant
The Butterfly Weed, absent of Monarchs this year
I've thanked the birds for planting this sunflower for me this year
I put this chair here and planted a Moonflower Vine at its base. The vine is still only 6 inches tall!
Daisy and Monarda are a striking combination
The view from the back porch
I just wish I would learn to sit and enjoy it more!

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