Monday, March 24, 2014

Winter still hanging on

Just when I thought that spring my finally be here, we got another 20 cm of fresh snow dumped on us! Even with the cold temperatures, things are melting. This ditch as been flowing for a few weeks now, the thick layer of snow keeping it from freezing again.
Country Boy had a follow up at the fracture clinic on Thursday.
The Doctor was pleased with the latest x-ray, and we have another appointment in 2 weeks.
He seems to be getting along not bad with the use of only one arm. Mom still has to help with washing his hair and spreading peanut butter. LOL
I am getting impatient for spring. There has been snow covering the yard since the 24th of November! I want to play in the dirt!
In the mean time, spring cleaning has begun. 
When spring finally gets here, I am going to be ready

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