Sunday, April 13, 2014

Could it FINALLY be spring?

I didn't think the winter was EVER going to end!
The snow was piled high, the weather was still cold, it just seemed like spring was never going to get here. Then finally, the weather warmed a little. The snow started to melt!
It's amazing the difference 10 days makes!
The biggest snow drift in the yard was right on top of the back gardens.
While I figured this a good thing, my plants were well insulated, it seemed to take forever for this snow drift to melt. I watched daily, in hopes of getting to work in the garden.
 Saturday was the day!
The snow drift gone, the ground dried up a little, I was finally able to get out and work in the garden.
The back beds were trimmed back, raked out, and edged.
Gosh it felt good to get back out there!
I quickly discovered there were many toads hibernating in my gardens. In 2 days, I dug up 17  toads of various sizes! Nice to know that I have so many bug eaters around!
In 2 afternoons, I was able to finish all the back beds.
The front beds are north facing and so still have snow and ice.
There is plenty of gravel to rake off the lawn until the gardens thaw.
I'm so glad to see SPRING!


  1. It seemed like winter was never going to go away but I was surprised how quickly the snow vanished. We still have the odd patch of snow at the back of the gardens in the shady area. I'm glad to see the plants poking through the ground.

  2. Well, you're certainly ahead of us, but the snow is going fast. The open garden will be bare in another day or two, but the garden along the fencerows may be another week.