Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Break excitement

March came in like a lion.
This will forever be remembered as the winter that didn't want to go away!
There were some nice sunny days, but it was still unseasonably cold.
Last Friday was the first day of March Break here for the kids. School resumes on March 17th.
It is always hard to keep the kids amused for the entire week, so when Country Boy asked if he could go snowboarding with some friends I was happy he was actually doing something other then lay around and play video games. I was watching TV after dinner and at about 8 o'clock the phone rang.
Country Boy had fallen at the hill and hurt his arm. His friend was going to take him for x-rays.
I found his health card and met them at the hospital. Sure enough, his arm was broken!
A few hours later we were ready to go home,  Country Boy sporting a lovely plaster cast.
For Country Boy, the rest of the March break would be spent with an elevated arm.
6-8 weeks ahead in a cast!
Thankfully, Little Country Girl would be easily entertained with a shopping trip, a lunch at McDonalds and lots of skating practice.
On Monday, Little Country Girl will be going tubing with her class at a local hill.
Fingers crossed she comes home in one piece!

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